Thank you for taking the time out of your busy surfing experience to check out my blog.

Who am I? Just a guy, really, honestly, yep, just a normal Canadian guy who works, is able a few bucks away in the bank, loves his family, has a passion for life and respect for a dollar… and finally decided to stop procrastinating and start this blog.

What is TravelNVal all about? Simple, sharing a few thoughts, learnings, and experiences I have picked up along the way as I pursue my passions in the hopes you can as well.

I kept procrastinating about starting this blog: What should I focus on? Do I need a central theme? The answer, not really, and yes.  My theme is to share Why I Work! A little broad I know, but the idea is through my 18 years as a Senior Sales and Marketing professional with a Financial background to provide some of the techniques I have used to help accomplish my goals and also share some of my experiences should you so be inclined or inspired to experience the same.

We all work very hard, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are equipped to pursue our goals and passions.  Life can be hard and unexpected, but strong budgeting has helped me and I hope to share some of those techniques with you.

I love my job, the people, the challenge, the everyday learning, but….

What do I work for?

My family, I am joined by a wonderful wife and 3 cat kids, Maggie, Bailey, and Bear (one of which is helping me write this bio right now)

and, Our passion to Travel.. to Ski.. to sit on the couch and play videos games..

Everything I share should be universal, but I will focus on Canadian content when required.  Normally I have to adapt what I read and learn on the web for Canada, so I plan to take that step out for my readers.

I also plan to share some of the random things that interest me or that I have discovered over the years anything from Coding, Blog development, Video Game reviews, Travel Experiences, etc.

Please contact me or email me about anything, or better yet, let’s collaborate in the comments section on any post!

I look forward to you getting to know you!


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